Choose from hundreds of alternatives and prove that water is no longer boring


These unbelievable water drinks will help your body prevent or delay cell damage. They’ll help you fight disease in the most natural way. Just they way it was all supposed to work!


These are amazing formulas to help your body get rid of toxins, while being a treat for you. As you rid your body of toxins, the body is less distracted by having to cope and will work better. You will better digest your food and create better energy from the nutrients you get.


Feeling a bit upset because you had too much of the wrong things? These water drinks come in handy, to both help your body recover and help your mind feel in charge, again.

Energy Boosters

Feeling run down? Struggle to find the necessary energy to get things down? These are drinks that will fill you with the right sort of energy (not like coffee, which will give you a boost and then charge you for the favour!).

Hunger Tamer

These waters are a great helper when it comes to taming the urge to go for extra-large portions. Ideally, you’d enjoy a glass of one of the Hunger Tamers before dinnertime, helping you enjoy both the drink and the food, in the right amount.


This is a collection of exotic drinks for your summer. Delicious, refreshing and nutritious at the same time.

Weight Trimmers

These drinks will help you loose weight, using the body natural mechanisms to do so.

Winter Warmers

Winter water drinks (also known as infusions) that will lift you up when chips are down. Wait for long, rainy days and enjoy in your sofa or walking in a park.