Are you really thirsty?

Did you know the body’s signals to tell us that we are thirsty are almost the same as those that tell us we are hungry?
So next time you think you are hungry, try a glass of water first.

Did you know...

Soda drinks use sugar substitutes which have the same effect on your body. Would you drink a can of liquid sugar on purpose?

Our bodies are roughly 70% water

At birth, water accounts for about 80% of a baby’s body weight.

Water that existed on earth millions of years ago is still present today.

The earth is a closed system which means that it rarely loses or gains extra matter, this means that the same water that was around several million years ago is still present in our water today.

Do you feel thirsty yet?

By the time we feel thirsty we have already lost over 1% of our body’s total water content.

We can't live without water for more than 3 days

We can survive for more than 3 weeks without food but the maximum time we can live without water is nearer to only 3 days.