The recommended daily dosage for women is 2 Liters per day. Most women usually consume approximately 1 liter of water per day.

Use the 5 easy life hacks below to get your recommended dosage:


1.     Keep a bottle of water at your bedside. This way, you can drink 250 ml before you sleep and drink 250 ml of water as the first thing you do when you get up.
2.     Make sure you have a bottle full of water accessible and in sight. Be it at our work desk, Kitchen counter or a portable bottle in your purse. Accessibility is the first challenge to drinking more, and an easy one to fix.
3.     Water Alarms: You can use mobile apps like daily water to remind you to drink the recommended amount.
4.     Use a personalized water bottle, preferably one with a sucker. Use a permanent marker to mark the times of the day on the bottle, which signify the quantity you need to drink.
5.     To make water taste better, add a little natural flavor like a few drops of lemon, sliced cucumber, seasonal fruits.




Although water is abundantly available, dehydration is still a major challenge contributing to obesity. The biggest challenge in battling dehydration is just getting into the habit of drinking more water. Use the hacks listed above to get into the habit of drinking water, it’s the easiest way to lose weight.